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The Brew Foundation


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Who are The Brew Foundation?

Ecclesall Ale Club, the home of The Brew Foundation

It’s no secret that the craft beer scene has exploded in the last few years. It’s a trend that will slowly become the norm, for two reasons, 1; it’s made with passion, by people who love the stuff and 2; people love beer. This is the same story for The Brew Foundation, the brewers behind the Ecclesall Ale Club.

A father and son collaboration who turned their hobby (tasting beer) into a business where they could brew their favourite tastes and share the results..

Since launching, The Brew Foundation have grown organically, the product line covers the spectrum of pales from American to hoppy as well as a gluten free option. It’s not exclusively pales though, they are brewers who like to experiment, their porters and bitters have proved to be popular too.

Sheffield beer Brew Foundation

The beer is brewed in Wincle, Cheshire and distributed on both sides of the Pennines. You’ll find Brew Foundation beers on many taps in Sheffield (unless they have sold out). This demand was the driving force behind the Ecclesall Ale Club where you’ll be able to taste the beers on tap and take some bottles home with you. They’ll be guest beers available as well!

The Brew Foundation brew beers with love for people who love beers.

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