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What is Tryanuary?

Happy New Year! But most importantly, it’s Tryanuary time!Tryanuary 2018

If you are into craft beer you are probably used to experimenting. Having a half is normal these days, not because we can’t handle our beers but because they’ll always be another beer to sample, crafted by an independent brewer.

Walking into a pub and the bar staff have poured your pint before you’ve even asked for it is boring. Having a favourite is fine but you’ll never know what you are missing out on if you don’t try, maybe you’ll find a new favourite…

It’s January, we’re hungover from the party season, skint from Christmas and it’s cold outside. We’re miserable enough, then we are being told to diet and stay off the booze! Seriously guys, whats that all about! It’s not just a hard time for us, if we aren’t drinking, how can the bar staff, landlords and most importantly the brewers afford a pint too? They don’t want you to be supping coconut water at the weekend whilst they are coming up with a taste sensation.

This is why Tryanuary began!

Leave the juicer you got for Christmas in its box and head to the pub. Ask the barman to recommend something new, they know what they are on about and if you are on a health kick then ask for something fruity!

What is Tryanuary?

It all started back in 2015 by beer loving blogger Andy Heggs from Manchester. Using social media campaigns and the backing of independent brewers, pubs and suppliers, Tryanuary gained momentum fast.

Since the successful start 3 years ago it has gone from strength-to-strength. What makes it really work is the drinkers enthusiasm to support and share. Like everybody in the industry, we make beer that we love and want people to try and love it too. A share and ‘#Tryanuary’ gives independent breweries exposure and recognition. This doesn’t just benefit everybody for the quietest month of the year but it continues to help. The campaign isn’t just about beer, many breweries are donating to charities too.

Tryanuary proves that craft beer isn’t a trend or a clever marketing ploy, it is skilled people making something great and the customers are part of that. It isn’t about getting smashed every night, it’s just encouraging people to have a taste. If you’ve got a mate who loves a pint of Carling at ’spoons on a Saturday, bring them down to the Ale Club, we are confident that we can convert them.

What is happening in Sheffield for Tryanuary?

We all know Sheffielder’s love beer, so much so that we drink as much as we brew, making it hard to export which is shame (for the rest of the world, not us!).

From the Kelham Island Brewery (est. 1990), the first new independent brewery in Sheffield for over 100 years there’s been plenty who have followed in their footsteps including Little Critters, Sheffield Brewery Company, Neepsend Brewery, Exit 33 and many more. Stay local, it’s worth it.

On the 11th January, Sheffield’s Tryanuary ambassadors are taking over the Tryanuary Twitter account, which will no doubt help showcase the quality of our beers and pubs, especially late into the night when the tweets begin to slur.

What can we expect at Ecclesall Ale Club?

Like always the Ale Club will be open 11:30am – 11pm 7 days a week with our bar and fridges full of great beers from independent breweries. Our bar constantly changes so you won’t get bored.

We’ve teamed up with Sheffield’s finest bottle shop, Beer Central to host their 26th Bottle Share event on Thursday 18th January. Simply bring your favourite beers (bottles and cans) along, discuss why you’ve chosen them then swap with fellow attendees. This gives you the opportunity to spread the love, taste other peoples loves and socialise with fellow beer heads.

More info available on the Facebook events page. It should be great!

For more information on Tryanuary 2018 visit the Tryanuary website.

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