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The Brew Foundation launches

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally time. After many years of enjoying drinking different types of beers my dad Robert and I took the plunge and decided to brew our beers to our own tastes. We both have love for a great real ale, and I am also a fan of hoppy craft beers. We set up The Brew Foundation with the aim of creating the type of beers we both love, in the hope that you love them too.

All our beers will be very quaffable, as for us “drinkability” is key; whatever the beer style we believe that a good flavour balance is the most important part of a great beer.

Our first brew will be an American pale ale called First Light. It’s a very drinkable pale ale brewed using Liberty hop, natural spring water, American yeast and then dry hopped with even more Liberty.

Keep your eyes peeled for First Light in pubs, bars and bottle shops in Sheffield (where I live) and in Cheshire (where my dad Robert lives).


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4 comments on “The Brew Foundation launches

  1. Looking forward to my first taste. Good luck. If your passion for beer translates to its taste it should be good.

  2. York Beer Monster

    Hi, just tried 2 of your beers at the excellent Crown in Wrinehill. Enjoyed them , preferred the First Light to the Hops & Dreams. Definitely taste the similarity to Wincle Beers- are you using their yeast and malts? Cheers

    • James Eardley

      Hi Doug,
      I’m glad you like the beers. We use different yeasts to Wincle but we do get our malts from the same supplier (as a lot of breweries do I guess) so there’s some inevitable cross over there. Wincle tend to use English yeasts while we tend to use American yeasts depending on the brew. If our beers are being compared to Wincle’s I’ll take that as a compliment as I love their beers! 🙂 You’ll be pleased to know that The Brew Foundation and Wincle are doing a collaboration brew soon. We’re doing the final test brew as we speak. It will be a 4.8% cherry porter called Jammy Treat Porter (as we thought Janet Street Porter would sue us. Haha.) Keep your eyes peeled for it; I’m sure the Crown will have it on in June.
      All the best

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