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The Ultimate Tap Takeover 2 – Itchy Pig Broomhill

Everyone loves a sequal, so now it’s time for: THE ULTIMATE TAP TAKEOVER – CHAPTER 2 / (This Time It’s Personal!) All said in an American film announcer voice.

After the success of last time (the pub didn’t burn down) the Brew Foundation is looking after the Itchy Pig Ale House again from Friday 3rd to Saturday 11th March. James will behimd the bar pulling pints all week. There will be, ofcourse, loads of Brew Foundation beer on the bar plus great guest beers from Lymestone Brewey, Wincle Beer Co and Fivecould Brew Co, plus all the usual favourites from Abbeydale, Camden and Curious, et al.

Yes we know this is taking place the week BEFORE Sheffield Beer Week but we’re too unorganised to arrange it for then plus there’s loads going on that week so this is something for you all to look forward to next week. Beer bonus!

Come on down and have a pint, have a chat about Brew Foundation beer and then have some more pints. We’re there all week folks.

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The Ultimate tap Takeover at The Itchy Pig

There are tap takeovers and then there is this: Next week, Ted the landlord of the Itchy Pig micro pub in Broomhill, Sheffield is going away; so James from The Brew Foundation is doing the ULTIMATE tap takeover and running the pub for the week. To say we’re excited is an understatement!

We’ll be showcasing our latest brew, Janet’s Treat porter during the week, along with a selection of our other beers, and we have sourced some great beers from some other great breweries for you to enjoy. As well as some Sheffield favourites we’ve also tried to get hold of some beers that aren’t frequently found in Sheffield, including beers from: Sandiway Ales, Burton Bridge and Wincle.

We’ll be taking over from Tuesday 8th November through to Saturday 12th. Ted’s back on Sunday to pick up the pieces! Haha. Make sure you come on down for the pint or three and say hi to us one evening!

We look forward to seeing you at the Pig next week!