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More Hops & Dreams is on its way!

Thank you everyone! The demand for our new beer Hops & Dreams has been such that we’ve sold all the casks and kegs of it in a week! (There are still bottles left so don’t panic). We’ve brewed another 2000 litres which we’re racking on Friday so you won’t be thirsty for long!

Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter channels for where you’ll be able to find it next.

Just to keep you all in the loop we’re planning to do a bigger brother of Hops & Dream, called something like Hop & Glory, which will be a 4.8 or 4.9 IPA made from the same three hops (but more of them) as Hops & Dreams.

We’re not sure whether to launch this beer next or do a dark beer for a change, such as a porter (called Janet Street! – a name concocted with thanks to Duncan at the Fat Cat pub)

Which do you think we should do next?


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2 comments on “More Hops & Dreams is on its way!

  1. Andrew Naylor

    In response to the above, please brew another pale hoppy beer!
    Just tried Hops & Dreams which I was given as a birthday gift in November. We were staying in Thornham & I think it was bought in a deli there.
    Now I’m home in East Yorkshire – do you have stockists in this neck of the woods?
    Congratulations, a light hoppy beer! My favourite!

    • Hi there and sorry for the delay. I’m pleased you like Hops & Dreams! Currently we don’t have any stockists in East Yorkshire but if you know of any potentials then let us know and I’ll speak to them about stocking our beer; so you have a local supply! 🙂

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