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Where to Eat on Ecclesall Road

Guide to Eating on Ecclesall Road.

Whether you are shopping on Ecclesall Road, enjoying an afternoon drinking session or an a night out, it would be a mistake not to indulge in the food on offer, there’s something for everybody.

Eating in Sheffield is easy these days. You are never far from a decent and affordable restaurant, pub grub that hasn’t been microwaved the hell out of or ‘street food’ (which is just code for a take away with standards).

You won’t go hangry when you take a walk down Ecclesall Road where options are aplenty, even for the pickiest of eaters. There’s places for date nights, the morning after, a lazy weekend dinner (lunch) or tea (dinner) you’ll have to prepare your argument if you want to be tucking in to your favourite dish because your eating partners will be fighting their corner!

The road is packed with eateries, pretty much every other shop sells food. There’s the usual suspects (Pizza Express, KFC, Nandos etc..) but you don’t need to go to a chain here.

Nourish Ecclesall Road SheffieldLooking for something healthy? Nourish make good food great. Salads don’t have to boring and sandwich can be interesting when done correctly.

How about something fancy? Nonnas aren’t your typical Italian and they are a treat that you won’t regret saving up for.

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Lucky Fox recently opened a branch on Ecclesall Road, their Brooklyn-inspired menu will cause you a headache when you try and choose.

Mud Crab offers fresh and tasty food, their brunch offers are classics with a twist whilst the burgers are up there with the best in Sheffield.

Fancy a curry? Ashoka is an award winning Indian restaurant that offers classic dishes, served in a contemporary fashion.

All Siam Thai Ecclesall RoadThe cuisines don’t stop there, All Siam Thai are as authentic as they come and their fresh ingredients will take you to the Far East without leaving S11.

With the Ale Club opening 11am to 11pm you can pick and choose your meal from brunch at Mud Crab, sit down at Couch for dinner or a late night take away from All Siam Thai on your way home. Grab a few bottles of Brew Foundation to compliment it!


We’ll be opening this Friday (17th November) on 429 Ecclesall Road.

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