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An after work session down Ecclesall Road

Sheffield beer Brew Foundation

We are opening our doors very soon with a stellar selection of alcoholic beverages. Whether you fancy one of our craft beers from Brew Foundation, wine or on-trend gin, you won’t be going home thirsty. Sheffield is one of Europes most prevalent brewing cities and we know we are in good company when it comes to getting a decent craft beers down Eccy Road.

You can’t knock an after work session. Let’s face it, there’s always an excuse. Mondays’ are hard enough that you need that pint to look forward to, just to make it through the day. Tuesdays’ are, well, Tuesday. Wednesdays’ are only half way point and Thursdays’ are practically the weekend anyway, hangover Fridays’ are expected!

Where do you start your post-work pub crawl? Craft beers are in abundance on Ecclesall Road.

Beer House SheffieldThe Beer House is a good place to ‘discuss’ the traumas of your day. It’s cosy, always have a great selection of craft beers on draft and the perfect place to slag your boss, colleagues or customers off. It’s only small so you wanna get here early if you like to sit down and really enjoy the taste of alcohol as you let the days annoyances leave your mouth in a seamless rant. That first pint always goes down so easy and ‘I’m just coming out for one’ quickly turns into two.

Portland HouseNext stop, the Portland House where you can’t go wrong with the craft beers that they have on tap. Before you know it you’ve forgotten about your 9 to 5 and the conversation turns to football/tv/boys/girls/etc…

Lucky Fox SheffieldYou’re probably feeling peckish after spending the day sat at the desk and there’s plenty of options. You could dine at Nonnas but c’mon, we can’t pretend to be kings every night, lets keep Nonnas for another occasion, Lucky Fox does the job, there’s no where in the city that does fried chicken like they do and they recently opened up a branch on Eccesall Road.

It’s 7pm, you’ve got a food coma and your stomach might struggle with another pint but the night is still young. There are plenty of options available, including the Monk Bar which will settle your tummy. Midweek cocktails are the best kind of cocktails and their recipe book is hefty. You could enjoy your standard go-to or take a risk and try something different, you might even find a new favourite.Monk Bar

The alcohol kicks in, inappropriate work stories are being told so the night deserves one for the road. I wouldn’t wish a work hangover on anybody so after that you should probably call it a night. Uber?

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