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More Hops & Dreams is on its way!

Thank you everyone! The demand for our new beer Hops & Dreams has been such that we’ve sold all the casks and kegs of it in a week! (There are still bottles left so don’t panic). We’ve brewed another 2000 litres which we’re racking on Friday so you won’t be thirsty for long!

Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter channels for where you’ll be able to find it next.

Just to keep you all in the loop we’re planning to do a bigger brother of Hops & Dream, called something like Hop & Glory, which will be a 4.8 or 4.9 IPA made from the same three hops (but more of them) as Hops & Dreams.

We’re not sure whether to launch this beer next or do a dark beer for a change, such as a porter (called Janet Street! – a name concocted with thanks to Duncan at the Fat Cat pub)

Which do you think we should do next?


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Bitter That bottles available again soon!

Our second beer, launched before Christmas, Bitter That was so popular in bottles that we ran out! Only a few bottle shops were lucky enough to get their hands on some so we’re brewing it again on Tuesday and will soon be replenishing bottle stocks.

Bitter That is a lovely fruity, malty 5% extra special bitter and like all Brew Foundation beers it goes down a treat!

Our usual network of fantastic bottle shops will be expecting stock by the end of the month. Check our stockists list for where you’ll likely be able to track down these elusive copper coloured beauties.


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Hops & Dreams available from Tuesday 12th January

Hops & Dreams will be available in our stockists from tomorrow, Tuesday 12th January.

To welcome in the new(ish) year we’re launching our third beer; Hops & Dreams. It’s an easy drinking hoppy session IPA made from Magnum, Cascade and Rakau hops.

We’re picking up the bottles from the bottling plant tomorrow so a few places will have bottle stock tomorrow afternoon. The casks were racked last Tuesday so we are starting to distribute them on Wednesday (13th Jan). We’re even doing a limited number of kegs to go into a few select places so keep a close eye on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) for who’s got it on and when.

We’re really excited about this one and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


James and Robert.



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Hops and Dreams, session IPA, coming January 2016

Yesterday was a great day! I started brewing our third beer; a 4% session IPA called Hops and Dreams. We wanted to make a beer that is moreish enough to be a great session beer but flavoursome enough to satisfy anyone’s hop addiction.

Hops & Dreams is brewed using Magnum, Cascade and Rakau hops to give it a citrus, floral, resinous, “hoppy” aroma and flavour. It has a pale ale malt base to allow the three hops to work their magic on your senses. Magnum hops

Two lots of Magnum are added to give body and flavour, then lots of Cascade hops are added at the end of the boil for plenty of floral and fruity aroma.

Magnum hop going into Brew Foundation beer


In a few days time I’ll dry hop the brew with Rakau hops to give it a tropical fruit aroma and flavour.

We are putting it into cask, keg and bottles on the 4th January so it will be ready to go from the 11th January 2016.

Keep your eyes peeled for it from our usual stockists plus other great beer establishments across Sheffield, Cheshire and Manchester. Please contact us if you would like to stock any of Brew Foundation’s beers: Hops & Dreams, First Light or Bitter That.

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Van about town

You may have seen our shiny new van out and about on deliveries and parked on Sharrow Vale Road? Well we’ll soon be doing home deliveries to S11 initially but further afield in Sheffield as time goes on. We’ll keep you posted as to when home delivery is available, in the meantime you’ll have to walk to your local pub or bottle shop to buy our lovely beer, sorry about that! You can find out where you can buy First Light and Bitter That here.

Brew Foundation van3Brew Foundation Van1


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The second batch of First Light is brewed

What an amazing few weeks! The response and reception to our first beer, First Light, has been simply amazing. Pubs have been reporting casks of First Light selling out in record time so we’ve brewed some more.
In order to keep up with demand we have brewed another 2000 litres so no one needs to go thirsty this Christmas!

Here are the latest 51 casks of First Light (although they do look like refresher sweets).
51 casks of First Light

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First Light sells in record time

The response to First Light has been fantastic. In just a matter of weeks we’ve already had to make our second brew First Light Pump Clipof fifty one 9 gallon casks of First Light to keep up with demand. Pubs in Sheffield  that have had it on draught have reported it selling out in record time. At the Fat Cat in Kelham Island First Light “sold out in a matter of hours”, at the Beer Engine pub at the bottom of London Road, it sold out in a record 6 hours, at the Old Crown at Handsworth it sold out within a day which is the fastest a cask has sold there,  and at the Interval Bar at the Students’ Union all 9 gallons were sold out in 3 and a half hours! To say we’re proud is an understatement! Many thanks to everyone for your support so far!

We have already launched our second beer, a 5% bitter called Bitter That, which will first be available on draft Bitter That pump clipexclusively at the Fat Cat pub on the 19th December. We’ll see you there!


Our third beer will be a 4% session IPA called Hops & Dreams. More to follow about that one but it will be ready to go in early January.

To find out where you can get your hands on our beers visit out stockists page here.

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Our first brew, First Light, is underway!

Remember remember the 5th of November…because that’s the day the first batch of First Light was brewed!

Hops go inThe day finally arrived and many months of blood sweat and beers. On the morning of November 5th, when most people were thinking of fireworks and bonfires, a dream of mine finally came true:

Our first batch of First Light was underway!

The fermenting has taken place, the dry hopping has been done.

The first 20 hectolitres has now been racked and will be ready to drink/distribute on Monday 23rd. Keep your eyes peeled for First Light in the best watering holes in Sheffield and Cheshire initially. As time goes on we plan to spread further afield so feel free to contact us if you would like to get your hands on some.

First Light being put into casks


We’ll be supplying First Light in 9 gallon casks, 4.5 gallon casks/pins and in 500 ml bottles (from 26th November).

casksFirst Light is a very moreish American pale ale made from Liberty hops. It’s exactly the type of beer that my Dad and I love to drink due to it’s smooth easy drinking style and delicate hoppy flavour. Here at The Brew Foundation we plan to bring out a full range of beers in various styles but we hope you enjoy our first beer.First Light in Cask

For more information about The Brew Foundation and where you can find our beers (such as First Light) please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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The Brew Foundation launches

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally time. After many years of enjoying drinking different types of beers my dad Robert and I took the plunge and decided to brew our beers to our own tastes. We both have love for a great real ale, and I am also a fan of hoppy craft beers. We set up The Brew Foundation with the aim of creating the type of beers we both love, in the hope that you love them too.

All our beers will be very quaffable, as for us “drinkability” is key; whatever the beer style we believe that a good flavour balance is the most important part of a great beer.

Our first brew will be an American pale ale called First Light. It’s a very drinkable pale ale brewed using Liberty hop, natural spring water, American yeast and then dry hopped with even more Liberty.

Keep your eyes peeled for First Light in pubs, bars and bottle shops in Sheffield (where I live) and in Cheshire (where my dad Robert lives).