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An alternative Christmas on Ecclesall Road

An alternative Christmas on Ecclesall Road. Christmas is all about food and drink. We’re Yorkshire, we love a good Sunday dinner, you can’t beat a roast. Meat, veg, gravy and of course, Yorkshire puddings. Sounds amazing. Christmas dinner is just a deluxe version, we don’t wanna O.D. on roast potatoes before the big day.

Luckily Ecclesall Road’s restaurants offer alternatives during the festive period. Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to indulge is something a little less traditional.

Mud Crab SheffieldChristmas is all about sharing and the first of 3 courses on Mud Crab’s Christmas menu is a platter to share with your guests. This is followed up by BBQ mains and finished offer with deserts, all served in a casual atmosphere. £21 per guest. Available until 22nd December. Book ahead.

Ashoka is an award winning Indian restaurant that offers more than your standard your curry and their Christmas menu is simply mouth watering. Gather up the fam and dine out on a 2 hour experience that celebrates quality ingredients and tastes that will blow your Santa hats off. £26 per guest. Available until 24th December. Book ahead.

Treat you and your family this year and dine like Italians at Nonnas. You won’t find turkey and cranberry flavoured pizzas on their Christmas menu. There’s plenty of options to choose from on this 3 courser, you’ll end up gaining a headache trying to order. Whatever you go for, you won’t be disappointed. £27.95 per guest. Available until 24th December. Book ahead.

Ecclesall Road BBQThought Australians were the only ones to do BBQ for Christmas? Reds will tell you otherwise with their Christmas on Ecclesall Road menu. If you want a meat feast that will put you in a food coma until 2018 then this is the place for you as you’ll be served a healthy selection of meats. £24.95 per guest. Available throughout December. Book ahead.

Some say that France is the place of great food. If that’s the case for you then Bistrot Pierre is for you. Their 3 course menu consists of of classics. £26.95 per guest. Available until 24th December. Book ahead.

Christmas on Ecclesall Road beer giftNow you’ve lined your stomach it’s time for a pint at the Ale Club. We’ve got some amazing beers & ciders on the bar over the festive period. We’ll be open Christmas Eve and New Years Eve too!

Struggling for stocking fillers? Our bottler shop is open 11:30am – 11pm 7 days a week with cans and bottles that make the perfect gift. We’ve got offers on our Brew Foundation range.

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Guest Brewery #1 Brew York

Brew York Craft BeerGuest Brewery #1 Brew York

As the men behind brewing there’s nothing we love more than being inspired by fellow brewers. As the men behind the bar we love nothing more than knowing that every pint we pull is going to be a hit. The Ecclesall Ale Club is where we share this love and you’ll notice the bar is heavily featuring Brew York at the minute.

Like most breweries, Brew York was created by friends who are passionate about beer. What makes them different to others is how fast they have grown. In just a couple of years Brew York went from an idea created in a pub to a fully functioning brewery with award winning beers available in cask, keg, bottle and can. They also opened a tap room on-site and pulled-off a distribution deal that saw their cans available in supermarkets nationwide. It couldn’t have been a better start for the York brewers but non of this would have happened if they hadn’t created great tasting beers.

Craft Beer Brew York cansThey have built a core-range of favourites that are influenced by American flavours, brewed with traditional British techniques. These Pale Ales have a taste of familiarity but it is the depth of flavours that makes them stand out in what is becoming a competitive area in craft beer. The Americanisms are largely visible in the percentage which tend to be over 5% without overshadowing the ingredients.

Brew York also offer a bitter and porter in the core range but they allow their creativity to flow with small batches of experimental beers and seasonal collections. The Tonkoko milk stout has beeFairytale of Brew Yorkn a particular favourite on our bar recently.

The branding has helped Brew York beers stand out from taps, fridges and shelves. Their Fairytale of Brew York collection will be a sure-fire winner this Christmas, c’mon, who doesn’t love a good pun!

Their tap room, in York, based on-site gives visitors the opportunity to taste beers at their freshest and their is a constant rotation on cask and keg.

For more details on Brew York beers and tap room, visit their website.

Want to taste? You’ll find them on our bar throughout the festive period and beyond. The Ecclesall Ale Club is open 11:30am – 11pm 7 days a week

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Christmas in Sharrow Vale

Sharrow Vale Market Dec 17Ecclesall Road might get all the attention but, behind it is Sharrow Vale Road where you’ll find something different. Especially at Christmas.

You know what you are going to get on Ecclesall Road and there’s something for everybody. On the other hand, Sharrow Vale Road boasts independent boho vibes. Like Ecclesall Road, there’s food, drinks, homeware etc but on a small, unique scale.

Sharrow Vale has a community and every few months, on a Sunday, they come together, close the road off and have a market. Craft and farmers markets are generally pretty similar and when something becomes repetitive, people get bored and stop coming.

Sharrow Vale Road market isn’t like that. Every time it attracts a huge crowd who stroll up and down, enjoying everything on offer from fresh meat to street food, handmade crafts and accessories as well as entertainment.

brew foundation bar sharrow valeIt can be thirsty work but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Not only do we have our Brew Foundation pumps serving a collection of our finest beers we also have gift boxes, perfect for Christmas.

brew foundation christmas giftsDon’t forget our Ale Club is around the corner and open from 11:30am to 11pm. Sundays don’t need to be lazy when you can get drunk whilst shopping for unique prezzies.

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Sheffield, Support Your Local Businesses

What’s going on Sheffield?

Seriously, what is going on, and no, I don’t mean, events, parties etc… I mean this. sheffield micropub attack

Being a small business is hard! Especially a new small business. Even more so, a new small business which is also a pub! And then, just when things get going, another hurdle is put in front of us, I say, ‘hurdle’, I mean, a concrete slab and when I say ‘in front’, I mean, our door. We’ve only been open a couple of weeks and waking up to this last Sunday wasn’t the best surprise. Thanks. Seriously, why would someone throw concrete at our front door? They might not have got in but the damage is costly for a small business like us.smashed door eccy road

We didn’t open to annoy anybody. We opened to make people happy with beer. Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated attack. It’s clearly more than some drunk having a wild night… Just a couple of weeks ago our neighbours, The Beer House had a similar incident, however they had their premises entered and a charity box stolen. The Bar Stewards in Shalesmoor were attacked twice in a week and The Itchy Pig in Ranmoor also had concrete thrown at their door.

Sheffield is all about celebrating DIY culture. Why would anybody want to stop this? Is this an attack against small businesses or micropubs?

ale club bar dec 1Let’s rise above this and continue to do what people love us for, beer. This week our guest beers include Imperial Tonkoko Stout, X Panda Session IPA and Vermont IPA by Brew Yorkale club bar 3 decThe Garden Brewery’s Samphire Sour, Milk Stout from Gun Brewery, Arbor’s Blue Sky Drinking, BAD Co. Summer Breeze, Sandiway Hop Schism, DEYA Brewing Company’s Into The Haze, Hawkes Urban Orchard Apple Cider and many more, including our very own Brew Foundation. Sounds delicious, right?eccy ale club bar dec 2

It’s party season and we are going to be open throughout the festive period, including Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Here’s what you can expect on the bar over the next few weeks.Coming up in Decemnrt

Still buying Christmas gifts? We are open from 11:30am 7 days a week with a fridge full of bottles and cans of our favourite beers from around the world. You’ll be top gifter if you sling some in a stocking. Our Brew Foundation gift boxes are on offer too. 4 bottles for a tenner, bargain!

Support your local businesses, brewers and makers this Christmas, we need all the love we can get right now!

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Why Choose Craft Beer?

We live in a world where we are given choice. You don’t need to pick one side or another. You don’t need to be rich to have nice things. We don’t need to settle for the mundane, mediocre and average either. Craft beer is giving us more tastes, styles and flavours than ever before. Why would any beer drinker not go craft?

What is Craft Beer?  (Without the jargon)

According to The Oxford English Dictionary ‘craft’ is:

“An activity involving skill in making things by hand.”. Being more specific “Denoting or relating to food or drink made in a traditional or non-mechanised way by an individual or a small company.” Basically, this rules out the beers made by the huge corporations. They use machines to create the same, standardised taste.

Craft beer, is it just a marketing ploy or is there a meaning behind the slogan?

Where did it come from? What’s the difference between ‘craft beer’ & ‘beer’? Will it fade away like every other fad? Probably not.

It might seem like it came from nowhere to suddenly being inescapable. We were once, Great Britain, great at brewing beers, we mastered the traditional ales. Then, like a lot of our old school trades, the grafters stopped. The makers were replaced by machines and cheap ingredients, used to cut costs and make on-mass. For years, we accepted this. Pubs were being closed down, the drinking culture changed. It was the time of binge drinking, cheap juice with high percentages.

More than just a trend
brew foundation craft

Fast forward a decade or two where people like the finer things in life. Our tastes have developed. We used to be a nation known for bland food, we now not only enjoy different cultures and cuisines, we seek them out and we are happy to pay more for something different and unique. The internet has allowed cultures to easily collaborate, giving twists on traditions whilst the class system is becoming less relevant which helps accessibility.   

Gordon Brown deserves some credit for the resurgence in brewing. When the free-house pubs were on their knees and the chains were taking over, we were losing unique character in the places we could enjoy a pint so he introduced a tax break for small brewers back in 2002. Change isn’t instant but this helped start a movement which was accelerated by American brewers.

One of our favourite brewers, Thornbridge began in ’05. Their award winning beers inspired a generation of brewers. Martin Dickie left Thornbridge to start BrewDog, arguably the most successful craft beer brewers in the UK. However, are you still craft when you are the size of BrewDog? It’s a touchy subject which has be argued by many.

Artisan Trades

brewing craft beersBrewers have become the bakers of the drinking world. A few years ago you’d happily settle for a Waburtons loaf, now you’ll go to your artisan baker for a £4 unsliced and then to the coffee shop next door where the barista will carefully use foam to make a shape in your latte for the cost of a jar of coffee. We are becoming a quality over quantity culture and we don’t think twice about paying over a fiver for a decent pint instead of £3 for a crappy lager.

With new flavours, the ale is no longer a drink for old men. We can now think of beer like wine, it’s a drink to taste and enjoy, every pint has its individuality, requires care from both the brewer and the bar man, pumping the ale with care like the chef who plates food artistically. It’s the handmade skills that the dictionary talks about that makes craft beer different.

Whether you go to Starbucks on Ecclesall Road, Manchester or New York, your coffee is going to taste pretty much the same, which, sometimes, familiarity is the wise option but YOLO. In Sheffield we’ve got some great coffee shops, they might all sell the same coffees but they do it their way and this is exactly the same theory with craft beers. Not only is an American Pale from one brewery different to another brewery, every batch can vary slightly. Like wine, some age better whilst others are like a loaf, at its best when its fresh.

Cask and Keg

Brew Foundation Craft BeersCask beers are the beers your grandad drank, flat, warm, topless and often the reason ‘real ale’ gets a bad rep. The brewer only does half the job, the beer isn’t finished until it hits the glass. If the pub haven’t taken care of the cask and the barman doesn’t know how to pull (the pint) then it isn’t going to be an enjoyable experience for the drinker.

Luckily the craft brewers have continued the traditions of cask beers and the warm, flat beers are no longer uninspiring. They’ve used their creativity to bring them to life but, if you are unfortunate to have a bad pint, don’t dismiss it, you might have just been unlucky with the batch or the bar man.

Keg beer is the most common, these include your typical lager as well many ales. They are served cool, with a fizz and don’t require the same barman skills as the cask beer.

If you want something independent, and ‘not on the high-street’ then go craft, there’s something for everybody, even those not into beer! When you consider the locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, handmade and skilled trade, it’s worth paying that little bit extra for.

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The Making of the Ale Club – Ecclesall Road Mircopub

You might recognise The Brew Foundation, we’ve been brewing craft beers (mostly pales) over the last few years. They have been on the bars of Sheffield’s best boozers. The Ecclesall Ale Club is our new micropub, it’s been a stressful, tiring and challenging journey. We are now open and it has been worth it!

429 Eccesall Road is our new home! After months of paperwork and admin we were finally allowed to get our hands on what was Eccy booze.


We opened on Friday on Friday 17th.
Ecclesall Ale Club bar

Eccy Ale Club open night

Ecclesall Ale Club Lamp

Ecclesall Ale Club toilet

Ecclesall Ale Club fridge

It’s safe to that the struggle has been real but the results make it worth it. The opening weekend couldn’t have gone better. We’ve had to restock the bar and fridges.

We are opening from 11:30am, 7 days a week.

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Guest Beer #1 Gamma Ray by Beavertown

The paint is dry, the bar has been filled, fridges stocked and the furniture nailed down. As of tomorrow, Ecclesall Road has not just a new place to sink a few beers, we’re a bottle shop too, offering a range of beers including Beavertown’s finest.!

Although The Ecclesall Ale Club is run by The Brew Foundation, we don’t just love our beers, we love beer in general. To celebrate the diverse flavours of a decent pint, we will be pouring pints from our favourite craft beer brewers. Our guest beers will be continually changing so you might only get that one chance.

Guest beer #1

Beavertown loho

Gamma Ray by Beavertown.

beavertown gamma ray

Beavertown are London-based brewers who are growing fast. Since launch in 2011 Beavertown have become champions of the craft beer scene. They are more than just brewers, they are becoming an iconic brand. Their artwork on the cans stand out in the fridges and on taps but having fancy logos means nothing if the beer doesn’t live up to the same standard. Beavertown do.

Gamma Ray is a classic American pale ale. The tropical fruits disguise it’s strength (5.4%) making it easily drinkable and refreshing. It’s a stand out pint and you’ll have to make the challenging decision at the bar, do you go same again or take a spin on beer roulette to try something different, it probably won’t be better.

We are going to be open 11:30am to 11pm, 7 days a week at 429 Ecclesall Road. Grab a can or two, too.

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Where to Eat on Ecclesall Road

Guide to Eating on Ecclesall Road.

Whether you are shopping on Ecclesall Road, enjoying an afternoon drinking session or an a night out, it would be a mistake not to indulge in the food on offer, there’s something for everybody.

Eating in Sheffield is easy these days. You are never far from a decent and affordable restaurant, pub grub that hasn’t been microwaved the hell out of or ‘street food’ (which is just code for a take away with standards).

You won’t go hangry when you take a walk down Ecclesall Road where options are aplenty, even for the pickiest of eaters. There’s places for date nights, the morning after, a lazy weekend dinner (lunch) or tea (dinner) you’ll have to prepare your argument if you want to be tucking in to your favourite dish because your eating partners will be fighting their corner!

The road is packed with eateries, pretty much every other shop sells food. There’s the usual suspects (Pizza Express, KFC, Nandos etc..) but you don’t need to go to a chain here.

Nourish Ecclesall Road SheffieldLooking for something healthy? Nourish make good food great. Salads don’t have to boring and sandwich can be interesting when done correctly.

How about something fancy? Nonnas aren’t your typical Italian and they are a treat that you won’t regret saving up for.

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Lucky Fox recently opened a branch on Ecclesall Road, their Brooklyn-inspired menu will cause you a headache when you try and choose.

Mud Crab offers fresh and tasty food, their brunch offers are classics with a twist whilst the burgers are up there with the best in Sheffield.

Fancy a curry? Ashoka is an award winning Indian restaurant that offers classic dishes, served in a contemporary fashion.

All Siam Thai Ecclesall RoadThe cuisines don’t stop there, All Siam Thai are as authentic as they come and their fresh ingredients will take you to the Far East without leaving S11.

With the Ale Club opening 11am to 11pm you can pick and choose your meal from brunch at Mud Crab, sit down at Couch for dinner or a late night take away from All Siam Thai on your way home. Grab a few bottles of Brew Foundation to compliment it!


We’ll be opening this Friday (17th November) on 429 Ecclesall Road.

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Who are The Brew Foundation?

Ecclesall Ale Club, the home of The Brew Foundation

It’s no secret that the craft beer scene has exploded in the last few years. It’s a trend that will slowly become the norm, for two reasons, 1; it’s made with passion, by people who love the stuff and 2; people love beer. This is the same story for The Brew Foundation, the brewers behind the Ecclesall Ale Club.

A father and son collaboration who turned their hobby (tasting beer) into a business where they could brew their favourite tastes and share the results..

Since launching, The Brew Foundation have grown organically, the product line covers the spectrum of pales from American to hoppy as well as a gluten free option. It’s not exclusively pales though, they are brewers who like to experiment, their porters and bitters have proved to be popular too.

Sheffield beer Brew Foundation

The beer is brewed in Wincle, Cheshire and distributed on both sides of the Pennines. You’ll find Brew Foundation beers on many taps in Sheffield (unless they have sold out). This demand was the driving force behind the Ecclesall Ale Club where you’ll be able to taste the beers on tap and take some bottles home with you. They’ll be guest beers available as well!

The Brew Foundation brew beers with love for people who love beers.

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An after work session down Ecclesall Road

Sheffield beer Brew Foundation

We are opening our doors very soon with a stellar selection of alcoholic beverages. Whether you fancy one of our craft beers from Brew Foundation, wine or on-trend gin, you won’t be going home thirsty. Sheffield is one of Europes most prevalent brewing cities and we know we are in good company when it comes to getting a decent craft beers down Eccy Road.

You can’t knock an after work session. Let’s face it, there’s always an excuse. Mondays’ are hard enough that you need that pint to look forward to, just to make it through the day. Tuesdays’ are, well, Tuesday. Wednesdays’ are only half way point and Thursdays’ are practically the weekend anyway, hangover Fridays’ are expected!

Where do you start your post-work pub crawl? Craft beers are in abundance on Ecclesall Road.

Beer House SheffieldThe Beer House is a good place to ‘discuss’ the traumas of your day. It’s cosy, always have a great selection of craft beers on draft and the perfect place to slag your boss, colleagues or customers off. It’s only small so you wanna get here early if you like to sit down and really enjoy the taste of alcohol as you let the days annoyances leave your mouth in a seamless rant. That first pint always goes down so easy and ‘I’m just coming out for one’ quickly turns into two.

Portland HouseNext stop, the Portland House where you can’t go wrong with the craft beers that they have on tap. Before you know it you’ve forgotten about your 9 to 5 and the conversation turns to football/tv/boys/girls/etc…

Lucky Fox SheffieldYou’re probably feeling peckish after spending the day sat at the desk and there’s plenty of options. You could dine at Nonnas but c’mon, we can’t pretend to be kings every night, lets keep Nonnas for another occasion, Lucky Fox does the job, there’s no where in the city that does fried chicken like they do and they recently opened up a branch on Eccesall Road.

It’s 7pm, you’ve got a food coma and your stomach might struggle with another pint but the night is still young. There are plenty of options available, including the Monk Bar which will settle your tummy. Midweek cocktails are the best kind of cocktails and their recipe book is hefty. You could enjoy your standard go-to or take a risk and try something different, you might even find a new favourite.Monk Bar

The alcohol kicks in, inappropriate work stories are being told so the night deserves one for the road. I wouldn’t wish a work hangover on anybody so after that you should probably call it a night. Uber?